FinDom: This is what money does to Me


When conducting transactions in person in a store, I prefer to pay with cash. When I pay with cash, I know I'll have the exquisite experience of watching that register pop open, hearing the jingle of the coins in the drawer, and feeling that familiar twitch and tingle in My panties at the sight of those gorgeous bills.

If I swipe a card, I make sure it's one that generates a mobile notification. I get high while watching in anticipation for the "approved" message on the machine. I melt at the buzz of My phone telling me I've just spent.

The average person dreads getting bills in the mail. For Me, there is no better day than that on which my credit card bill arrives. I slowly open the envelope, knowing that I'm about to re-experience the pleasure of each transaction over and over again as I read through My statement, line by line. Sure, I could get it online... but opening an email isn't anywhere close to as satisfying of holding that piece of paper in My hand. The proof of My indulgence in the greatest pleasure in life... spending.

What do you think about when you pleasure yourself? What mental pictures light your fire? Do you think about beautiful women and their perfect naked bodies? Do you imagine yourself with those beautiful women, touching, kissing, licking and pleasing them to orgasm?

I think about money. Seeing it. Getting it. Touching it. Holding it. Spending it. I think about My wallet not being able to properly close because it's overflowing with those incredible $10's, $20's, $50's, $100's..... by the time I get home from a shopping spree, My pussy is on fire... aching for the tease and denial to end.

  • I am not greedy.
  • I am not financially unstable.
  • I do not need money from you.
  • I do not need anything from you.

I am a FinDomme.

My incredible love and desire for money, paired with the fact that I, as a Female, am Superior.

The only purpose you serve in My life is to please Me... and you can't.

Only your cash can.

--> Chalice xo

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