Goddess Chalice Rose

I am a GODDESS, deserving of and entitled to everything you have and more.

You will address me as Goddess, no exceptions.Β 

I will not worship you in exchange for gifts and cash. You will worship Me for accepting your pitiful offerings... as no matter how lavish your gift or how much cash you send, I will always deserve more.

I don't care how hard you think you worked to earn it, it's Mine. The fact it currently rests in your possession is because I allow it to.

And while you'll know that it will never be enough, you will feel excitement like never before when I tell you I'm going for a spending spree on your dime. The urge to click that tribute button each time you see that I have a new expense to reimburse will grow and grow until you comply. You will find your sweet release gazing upon photographs of Me spending your money. You will be at peace knowing that your Goddess is living in luxury even if you are not.

My submissives

You are My pay pig. My money slave. My human ATM. Nothing more…

You will promptly obey all demands I make, and you will not mistake them as requests.

You will graciously accept whatever interaction I choose to offer you, and you will show Me your most sincere appreciation of My allowance of your presence in My life by opening up your wallet and draining your bank account.

Should you choose to disrespect Me in any way, shape or form, you will be punished, and it's going to cost you.


I Deserve Everything...

...and you deserve to pay for it. It will never be enough, but it's the least you can do for My tolerance of your existence.