Beauty & Personal Maintenance

Contact Me directly to inquire about adopting one or more of My expenses.

Manicure / Pedicure / Foot Treatments -> $110 bi-weekly

Hair Salon -> $120 monthly

Other Beauty Treatments -> $180 monthly

Cosmetics -> $150 monthly

Fitness Membership Fees -> $60 monthly

Massage / Alignment -> $90 weekly

Convenience Services

Contact Me directly to inquire about contributing to making My life easier.

Housekeeping -> $150 weekly

Laundry Service -> $50 weekly

Treats & Entertainment

Contact Me directly to inquire about treating Me.

Shopping -> $$$$$
(Clothing, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, and whatever else My heart desires. I deserve to have everything, and you deserve to pay for it.)

Caffeine Fix -> $40 or $70 weekly
(Cover My morning coffee, or cover coffee and My favorite vanilla bean scones from Starbucks.)

Buy Me Lunch -> $20 daily

Pottery Studio Outing -> $75 per visit
(Covers My pottery, paint, other supplies, as well as snacks and beverages while I express My creativity.)

A Night Out -> $200 per night
(Dinner, drinks and transportation costs.)

Hobby Supplies -> $250 monthly
(Supplies for various types of arts and crafts, including candle making, beauty products, jewelry making and general crafting.)

Spa Day -> $300 per visit
(Covers one full day of Nordic treatments, full body massage, plus meals and beverages while at the spa.)

Weekend Trips -> $800 - $1000 monthly
(Transportation costs, hotels and meals for a weekend trip away; I take weekend trips at minimum once per month.)

Winter Vacations -> $3000 - $5000 annually
(Living in Canada means I am exposed to very cold, harsh winters. I go away at least once every winter to somewhere warm. Pay for My excursion in full, in part, or send gift cards for airlines / hotels.)

Adopt A Bill

My bills are paid, because I have an amazing vanilla career that I've worked hard at for a number of years, and likely make more money than you could ever dream of.

If there are particular expenses / bills that you have a strong urge or desire to pay, you may approach respectfully to inquire. If you please Me, I may consider indulging you.