Ownership is a privilege

I do not accept applications for ownership; I accept applications from those wishing to become under My consideration for ownership.

This page will guide you step-by-step through My process for applying to be under My consideration for ownership.

STEP 1 - Requirements

Before applying, ensure you meet the below requirements. Be advised that I do not make exceptions to these requirements. They are in place to ensure a happy and healthy Dominant/submissive relationship.

  1. I expect My owned submissives to be regularly available to interact with Me; time away is acceptable provided I am aware you will be unavailable, for how long, and why.
  2. My owned submissives are expected to be loyal to Me and Me only; I do not share.
  3. Financial security is a must; I require My owned submissives to be in a financial position that allows them to adequately take care of their basic needs, and the needs/wants of any financial dependents, while also making regular tributes to Me.
  4. Open and honest communication is the foundation of any solid relationship, including the Dominant/submissive relationship; I do not tolerate any form of misleading, dishonesty, lying by omission, etc. from anyone, let alone My owned submissives.
  5. My owned submissives are required to follow a strict regimen of rules, rituals and activities that I deem appropriate for maintaining their physical and mental health.

STEP 2 - Tribute

The next step of applying for My consideration is making your initial tribute. I do not have an "application fee", nor do I have a specific amount required to go along with this application. Impress Me.

Here is a link to My tribute methods if required.

STEP 3 - Application Form

The final step to applying to be considered for ownership by Me is to complete the form below. Do so completely, accurately and in detail. The effort you put into this application will reflect directly upon the effort I believe you will put into serving Me should you become Mine.

Note that any applications received without tribute will not be reviewed.