Tribute your Goddess

Understand this: I deserve to have everything, and you deserve to pay for it.Β 

Tribute Cash Online


Credit Card:Β 
Contact Me for Link

Interac E-Transfer (Canadians Only):
Send to -> goddesschalice (at) gmail (dot) com

Tribute on OnlyFans: Gift Cards
Send to goddesschalice (at) gmail (dot) com -> Purchase Link

My Wishlists
Available to select subs; do not inquire unless it is offered to you. If you wish to purchase something from My wishlist, send an Gift Card instead.

(If you are not in Canada, simply visit and set-up a separate account to send Me a Canadian gift card; you may contact Me for permission to send a US gift card as well.)

Visa Gift Card

Purchase a Visa gift card in-store. Send the details of the card to -> goddesschalice (at) gmail (dot) com

(Card # / Exp. / CVV / $ Amt)

...if your tribute is deemed worthy, perhaps I'll treat you with a photo of Myself spending 'your' money!

Other Ways to Tribute

If you wish to use a different payment method than those listed above, permission is granted for you to contact Me directly to inquire.

If you are unable to tribute cash at this time, I may be gracious enough to accept your worship via other means that directly benefit Me. Permission is granted for you to respectfully contact Me directly with a properly addressed and well-written explanation of how you intend to serve Me and how it will improve My life.